Текущие ограничения в работе BlackBerry WorkLife

Текущие ограничения в работе приложения BlackBerry WorkLife на платформах BlackBerry Android и iOS.

Текущие ограничения в работе приложения BlackBerry Android

When trying to pull-down to refresh the Contacts tab in the WorkLife app, the user needs to pull down further to refresh the list. (JI 2527599)
While composing a group text message, the draft is not retained if the user navigates away from the compose screen. (JI 2471377)
While composing a text message, the draft is not retained when the user taps an incoming push notification while composing the message. (JI 2404267)
Native contacts search does not work when searching by middle name. (JI 2379001)
When using the BlackBerry Work app, when you tap a phone number in a calendar item, the option to make the call using BlackBerry WorkLife is not available. (JI 2370023)
After a network switch, it takes several seconds before push notifications are received. (JI 2235871)
When opening a web link from a message in the WorkLife app, the user has the option to open the link in a non-BlackBerry Dynamics browser apps. (JI 2221521)

Текущие ограничения в работе приложения iOS

The call log isn't automatically refreshed if you do not pick up an incoming call from the WorkLife app or the desk phone. (JI 2519730)
When the message consolidation feature is enabled, the text thread created with the WorkLifenumber does not display a user image. (JI 2482301)
There are duplicate call log entries when network connectivity is poor. (JI 2376268)
When a user long presses the delete button on the dialer, all dialed digits are not cleared. (JI 2374333)
When a user taps a link in an SMS message, it is not opened in BlackBerry Access. (JI 2221491)
When the BlackBerry WorkLife app is closed and the device receives an incoming message, if you tap the message notification the WorkLife app launches but the incorrect screen is displayed. (JI 2179359)
If a user is making an outgoing call and at the same time there is an incoming call, the incoming call incorrectly displays the information of the outgoing call. (JI 2175944)
On iPhone 5S devices, the virtual number that is assigned to the device is not completely visible on the Info screen. (JI 2172909)

Текущие ограничения в работе Панели управления

When accessing the management console with Internet Explorer, the calendar view does not appear when you try to change the date range. (JI 2177389)
In the Employees tab, only the employees listed on the current page are sorted when you sort the list. (JI 2145506)
When assigning virtual work numbers, WorkLife does not successfully provision the number and the number is no longer available to be assigned. (JI 1654659)

Текущие ограничения в работе при отправке сообщений и звонках

The WorkLife app still receives incoming calls from a desk phone even if the WorkLife number is disabled. (JI 2526389)
Users are not receiving a prompt informing them that the call will be recorded in the WorkLife cloud. (JI 2384940)
Users cannot receive push notifications for calls or messages when the WorkLife profile name is set in a language other than English. (JI 2239002)